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Vegetables for the Holidays

December 02, 2015

While delicious treats surround us everywhere this time of year, oftentimes

the vegetable tray can be overlooked.  The typical  dip in the middle surrounded by various vegetables can get lost between elaborate presentations of heartier fare and festive-looking desserts.

For those who are trying to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays, here are creative presentations that are easy and eye-catching for  vegetable tray.

Grape tomatoes

Sugar Snap Pea Christmas Tree:

Before layering your Sugar snap peas, lay a few “branches” of celery sticks to hold the pea pods in place.  Decorate with grape and/or cherry tomatoes.  Courtesy:  Butter with a Side of Bread blog


tomaoes, carrots, produce

Ornament Vegetable Tray:

Start with a round platter and get creative!  Colors and patterns rule this one!  A fruit tray would also work with strawberries, blueberries, pineapple slices and kiwi!



produceJOY Tray: 

Love this one too!  Oblong serving tray, use grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes or radishes for the “J” and “Y.”  Instead of a White bowl in the center, why not hollow out a Red pepper for the vegetable dip?


Vegetables aren’t the only one to get a holiday make-over.  Fruit trays can also be fashioned decoratively to add to the Holiday table. Using a green Styrofoam base,  you can cut fruit into shapes using a cookie cutter and attach to the “tree” with toothpicks.  Mellon baller scoops  make excellent “ornaments” for your tree.

The best part of a veggie or fruit tray is how easy it is to prepare.  No measuring, sautéing, or marinading needed!  Dipping sauces can be anything from a store-bought ranch for vegetables, to a home made yogurt dipping sauce with a couple of handy items typically found in many kitchens. Fancy serving dishes are also unnecessary; the color of the fruits and vegetables need no additional adornment from brightly colored serving platters.

These ideas are courtesy of Butter with a Side of Bread blog.   Want more? Follow them here:  https://www.butterwithasideofbread.com/













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