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Poblano Peppers: A spicy Favorite!

July 01, 2015

Wholesale produce in Memphis: Poblano peppers

Poblano Peppers are part of our standard wholesale produce stock

One of the many varieties of peppers Scott Street Tomato House carries is Poblano Peppers.  Poblanos are a chili-type pepper that originated in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It can be used in a variety of Mexican and Southwestern influenced recipes. Poblano peppers are the peppers used in the classic Chile Relleno, where the pepper is stuffed with cheese, dipped in egg and fried.

While the majority of Poblano Peppers are mild in flavor, they can range up to Medium Hot. This range of flavor can vary even from peppers that were harvested from the same plant! As Poblano peppers ripen, they tend to have a stronger flavor. Dried Poblano peppers are called Ancho chili, and are used in making Mole sauce, enchilada sauce and chili.

A Single Poblano Pepper can be considered nutritionally dense: 2 grams of protein  and 3.7 grams of dietary fiber in each one.  Poblano peppers also are rich in Vitamin A (69% of Recommended Daily Values (RDV)),  Vitamin B-6 (30% of RDV) and Iron (11% of RDV).

Fresh Poblano peppers are delicious grilled; it brings out the fruitiness flavor and makes the outer skin easier to remove.  Here is a delicious recipe Courtesy of the Food Network:

Grilled Stuffed Poblano Peppers
Here at Scott Street Tomato House, we offer a wide variety of peppers to meet your customer’s demand for fresh ingredients for Hispanic-inspired dishes.  Call Scott Street Tomato House at (901) 454-1151 not only to order Poblano Peppers, but all your fresh wholesale produce!

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