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Grape Tomato Ideas

September 14, 2015

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Grape Tomatoes


Grape tomatoes are a good source of fiber … one cup contains 16% of the daily value. So, eat up! Fiber is an important nutrient for your heart and digestive tract.  Children love grape tomatoes! Their small size and delicious flavor are perfect no matter how you eat them!

Kabobs. Use grape tomatoes on kabobs. Mix with meat or other veggies and grill for a sizzling dinner.

Salads. Toss whole grape tomatoes into salads for delicious bites

Snacks. Eat on the run as a grab n’ go snack, but rinse first please.grape tomatoes colander


Eggs! Enjoy grape tomatoes for breakfast. Mix them into omelets, frittatas or even scrambled eggs for a scrumptious breakfast.

Salsa! Dice grape tomatoes small and use to make homemade salsa.

Pasta Salad. Grape tomatoes can be left whole making them a perfect addition to pasta salad.

  1. Grape tomatoes in pasta salad

Wraps. Using lettuce leaves or whole-wheat tortillas, add your favorite protein, grape tomatoes, olives and mushrooms. Drizzle with salad dressing of your choice and enjoy.

Pizza +. Halve grape tomatoes to create deliciously chunky sauces for pizza, pasta, or meat dishes.

pizza with grape tomatoes

Mini Kabobs. Make snack-sized kabobs for kids’ lunches. Add 3 grape tomatoes on a toothpick and pack carrot sticks and a small amount of ranch for a healthy, yet fun side dish.

Savory Sides. Slice grape tomatoes in half and pan fry in a little olive oil with basil. Once the tomatoes are wilted, remove from pan and sprinkle with a little feta cheese for a wonderful side dish.


Information courtesy of Produce for Better Health Foundation, MoreMatters.org.


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